Backlink checker

Backlinks are needed for website SEO. Backlinks represent your website or blog strength. Poor Backlinks should be identified so that strong backlinks can be replaced and Domain authority can be enhanced. This backlink tool is very useful for identifying those poor links. When your website backlinks are improved then DA will improve and hence your ranking in Search engine will also increase and traffic to your Blog or Web will increase.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links or inbound links that run from one website page to another web page , within the same domain name or domains of other people or companies , with the purpose of giving your website authority in the eyes of Google.

On the other hand, the number of backlinks is the number of pages that connect to a website through a link, either text or in addition to the graphic , this number is indicative of the popularity or importance of a page. So they are highly considered when it comes to guaranteeing search engine positioning. However, when we talk about backlinks, quality is more important than quantity. . This is why getting some links from high authority site is better than getting low authority sites. It is also important that there is a relationship with the text the content is linked to on the website, so that it feels natural and easy.

Despite being a very good strategy, this method is very susceptible to manipulation and Search Engines may penalize your web if fake backlinks are detected. So it is advised to read Google webmaster guidelines to avoid pitfalls.

Types of Backlinks

No-follow link
These links labeled "no-follow" prevents the connection from being completed. However, even though some people don't find these links useful because they don't give authority, they definitely increase web traffic and these types of links encourage SEO and prevent Google from thinking that the links you've earned are forced or artificial.

Do-follow link
Unlike no-follow, these links allow all hyperlinked pages i.e., send their recommendation to find relevant content on the destination website, along with telling Google that the article is informative. This, in turn, helps establish relationships between pages to help search engines identify content topics.

Root domains links
This type of link  represents the number of backlinks entering the website from a single domain. However, even though a dozen links from one page point to another link, they will appear as one.

Low quality links
These are of poor quality, as they originate from automated sites, spam sites, black sites or when backlinks are bought. For this reason, they can harm the effort to improve the position of the blog.

Internal links
They are what keep readers in the blog for a long time, as they move from page to page within the same domain. They also allow you to link your sites to related topics.


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