YouTube Best New Features

 YouTube New Features

YouTube has changed a lot in the mobile app in recent times 

YouTube has changed a lot in looks and new features. 

YouTube has made changes to its design for Android and iOS apps.

Common buttons and tools have also been updated along with changes to the design of the YouTube app.

Learn how to use YouTube's new features

You will definitely love this new feature of YouTube app

Similarly, some new features have also become part of the world's most popular video sharing service.

Learn about design changes and features that are now available to all users.

User Interface

Commonly used YouTube buttons like Like, Dislike and Share have been replaced and turned into real buttons.

Colorful Ambient mode

This mode takes color from video and scatters it on the YouTube user interface, a feature inspired by the light and colors emitted while watching TV in a dark room.

This feature will work only when you have enabled the dark mode.

New dark mode

YouTube has made the dark mode darker in the new update by changing the background colors of the app.

This change was requested by many YouTube users for a long time as gray shade was not considered dark by most people.

Now in the new dark mode black color is more prominent and switching on it also increases the battery life of the device.

Precision seeking

Now there is no need to fast forward or reverse 10 seconds as this new feature will make it possible to view thumbnails of different parts of a video and play directly from there.

Pinch to zoom

Just like when you open an image, you pinch-to-zoom, it is now possible to do the same with your fingures on video. 

Download Video To Library

You can download your favourite Video to the download library of Youtube app and later you can watch it in app. Downloaded Video can be played later in offline line mode even without internet. 

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